BookBlog is a collaboration between Matt Bieber and Eric C. Miller, a pair of characters who like talking about books. Both work in the education field, but neither is a professional literary critic. The opinions expressed on this site are those of energetic amateurs.

The title “BookBlog” was born when the authors failed to come up with something better. The subtitle, “A Blog About Books,” reflects their commitment to unvarnished truth. The site claims to provide a particular sort of content, and delivers.

“Socratesfriend” refers to the largely dialogic nature of that content. The authors are not Socrates, but have spent a lot of time looking over his shoulder. In that respect, they are more akin to Darryl, Socrates’ friend.

All posts are essays in the classical sense–as attempts–and are therefore exploratory rather than declarative. They may be imprecise or incorrect, maybe both, and maybe often. The authors invite additional ideas in the comments. Updated weekly.




Matt Bieber teaches at EduSmith in Bangkok, Thailand. He used to write a good deal about OCD and Buddhism, but now he mostly gobbles books and shares them with his students.




Eric C. Miller is Assistant Professor of Communication Studies at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, where he reads and writes about religious rhetoric in U.S. politics.


Special Guests



Dan Andrews lives in Barcelona, Spain, where he records the TropicalMBA Podcast and manages the Dynamite Circle, an international community of entrepreneurs.




Jackson Foshay teaches at EduSmith in Bangkok, Thailand. Originally from California, he blogs at Pavement View.




Nicholas Hayes is pursuing his PhD in ethics at Boston College. He’s been involved in faith-based organizing since 2009, most recently with Greater Boston Interfaith Organization.